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Diesel Domination LLC
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Started in 2003 Diesel Domination has upgraded more than 20,000 diesel pickups.

When it comes to figuring out which after-market products work to fit your needs you are faced with dozens of choices.

You most likely found our website searching for a way to improve your truck's mileage... but like most of today's truck owners you are concerned with the up front costs and potential hazards associated with aftermarket performance products which may cause you to just "bite the bullet" and do nothing.

Sometimes its the claims made by aftermarket product companies that leave us feeling a bit skeptical.

Because of the maze of products on the market it is nearly impossible for the average diesel owner to know what works and what is safe to choose... that is why we offer our experience and advice to you.

Here at Diesel Domination our professional guidance not only comes from our own personal experience... but from the "real world" experiences of our customers and the diesel trucks owners we have interviewed for the past years.

Even though we specialize in Duramax diesel fuel mileage solutions... over the past NINE years we have sold over 10,000 diesel performance upgrades for all the diesel truck models and have spoken to over tens of thousands of diesel truck owners that answered our national advertising.

On top of that... the best products and methods we recommend are backed by years of research, development, and manufacturing of diesel performance technologies.

So whether you drive a Chevy Duramax, Dodge Cummins, or a Ford Power Stroke... we have sorted out the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of nearly every product and method available to help make your decision easier.

Please feel free to browse our Website or give us a call to find our what products or modifications work best to increase the fuel mileage of your truck.