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13-17 Cummins 6.7L Performance Module w/DEF

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Duramileage Performance Module

2013-2016 Dodge Cummins 6.7L (w/DEF)

  • Increases Fuel Economy up tp 10-20% (equals 100 more miles per tank of fuel and $1000 a year in fuel savings)
  • Improves Towing Performance
  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Adds 60 Horsepower
  • Adds 120 ft/lbs Torque

Benefits of Plug-n_Play Modules
Easy Installation with OEM style connectors
Simple Plug & Play
Stackable with Pulse Width Tuning
Undetectable & Warranty Friendly
Does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer
Excellent choice for towing
Does not increase exhaust temperatures
Does not increase emissions (may reduce in some cases)

"Working Class" truck owners are telling us they are
frustrated with their
fuel mileage and sluggish throttle response!

Today many truck owners who purchased a newer "expensive" diesel pickup are not happy because they feel they are not getting "ALL" they paid for when it comes to fuel economy and pulling power.

Even with lower fuel prices... every fill up continues to cut into their wallet which makes it tougher to make a living.

And even though your truck has lots of horsepower on paper... it most likely feels somewhat sluggish taking off under a load.

Towing a heavy trailer in traffic with a truck with a slow throttle response can be a real safety issue. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of an intersection with other vehicles headed at you.

To add to your frustration is the confusion of hundreds of diesel performance products on the market promising to make your truck the baddest hot-rod in town.

The problem is... you already spent a lot of money on your truck and you don't want to spend more time and hard earned cash tweaking it with expensive aftermarket turbos, intakes, exhausts, etc. not knowing for sure if you are going to fix the problem.

You just want better tow performance and fuel efficiency... not black smoke or the fastest quarter mile times.

Upgrading your truck with a Duramileage Performance Module gives the engine a torque curve that was finely tuned to get the best fuel efficiency both running empty and towing.

What Exactly is the Duramileage Performance Module?

The high pressure common-rail injection system was a definite refinement in the evolution of diesel engines. The advantage of this high pressure injection system is the precise control of injection pressure, timing, and fuel rate. Fuel supply is no longer dependent on the engine revolutions but can be optimized independently.

The Torque Module is a software driven control unit that optimizes injection pressure at a "particular engine speed" to enhance combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Engineered by Doc Sadler (founder Dr. Performance) who set and still holds several world land speed records in diesel trucks, the Module plugs into the fuel-rail sensor with OEM style connectors and “very precisely” controls fuel pressure to match engine RPM at the driver's Cruising Speed. (normally 1400-2200 RPM range)

Over riding and increasing the ECM's commanded fuel pressure at this exact RPM range generates finer fuel atomization/vapor thus improving fuel-air mixture thereby increasing combustion quality, efficiency and power output. The result is additional peak torque, better fuel mileage, increased towing capability, and quicker throttle response which offers a better driving experience.(FUEL PRESSURE DOES NOT EXCEED PEAK STOCK PSI LIMITS)

The main difference between the Duramileage Performance Module and most electronic performance products is the manipulation of fuel pressure vs fuel volume. Most chips/programmers change injector pulse width which adds for fuel to the engine... the module changes fuel pressure which enhances the injector plume and increases the fuel atomization. Pulse width can cause the engine to run rich (smoke/heat)... whereas pressure/plume modification causes the engine to run more efficient due to improved fuel atomization. Pressure modification does add slightly more fuel under throttle but the additional combustion performance offsets any negatives.

It's time to get all the performance you originally paid for and deserve!

Purchase the effective and affordable Duramileage Performance Module and effortlessly solve your poor fuel economy and power problems.

Installing the Module is quick and straightforward using factory style connectors; no need for drilling or other modifications... It couldn't be easier – try it for yourself and see the difference it can make.

With part numbers to fit ALL newer diesel pickups vehicles and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there’s no reason to wait another day to optimize your diesel experience!


Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased and are enjoying the benefits of the Duramileage Performance Module... Make your diesel more affordable and fun to driveOrder yours today!

Order Online 24/7 or call us at 1-888-874-4929 (8am-6pm mst)

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